Valuations are carried out in accordance with international and Slovenian valuation standards (International Valuation Standards) in compliance with code of ethics.

We offer valuations for the following purposes:

  • buying and selling of companies,
  • acquisitions and mergers,
  • taxes,
  • financial reporting,
  • inheritance,
  • divorces,
  • financial and operational restructuring,
  • capital increase,
  • exclusion of minority shareholders,
  • withdrawal of shareholders,
  • wealth management,
  • gathering new funds,
  • bankruptcy and liquidation.

In the context of the business valuation we can conduct the valuation of real estate, machines and equipment.

The main groups of intangible assets are related to:

  • he marketing (trademarks, trade names, internet domain names ... ),
  • customers or suppliers (customer list, license agreements, advertising agreements ... ),
  • technology (patents, registered designs, formulas or recipes, computer software, models or a specific type of product ... ),
  • art (games, books, newspapers, films, television, music, photographs, paintings, drawings ... ).

The valuation of intangible assets is carried out for the following purposes:

  • purchase or sale,
  • taxes,
  • financial reporting.

We offer financial advisory on a field of:

Optimal capital structure and sustainable level of debt

  • We can assist you at calculating optimal capital structure and sustainable level of debt.
  • Based on calculations we determine target structure and advise in negotiations with lenders.

Project financing of infrastructure projects

  • Project financing is a long-term financing of infrastructure projects and industrial projects based on the expected cash flow of the project. Usually it includes equity financing and syndicated loans from banks and other financial institutions. This type of loans are insured with project assets and project's cash flow.
  • We can prepare business plan, expected cash flow plan and advise in negotiations with lenders.

Consulting in the financing of companies

  • We offer consulting in the financing of companies with either equity or debt.

We offer consulting to public companies that have to contract an independent external adviser in accordance with applicable legislation.

We advise on operational and financial restructuring of the companies on the basis of the analysis of operations and identifying the first signs of required changes in the company.

Due diligence is a process of obtaining, assessing and analytically processing of data on business and financial processes of the company, with intention to:

  • enable more detailed insight and understanding of the business processes of the company,
  • ensure the identification of key financial, operational and business risks, and thereby facilitate the assessment of the purchasing price.

We prepare independent business reviews which are basis for lenders decision on financing a company.

We prepare long-term cash flow projections with display of real possibilities of debt financing.

We can prepare documents that are needed in different stages of development of the company:

  • at establishment for raising start-up capital,
  • at financing individual investments,
  • at preparing tenders for investment grants,
  • preparation of business plans in accordance with the Regulation on the uniform methodology for the preparation and treatment of investment documentation in the field of public finances
We offer:
  • implementation of procedures for the sale or acquisition of the company,
  • preparing due diligence on behalf of investors,
  • communication with potential investors,
  • financial consultancy in pricing,
  • preparation of the fairness opinion in transaction processes.

We prepare expertise in litigation and out-of-court settlements in the field of finance and business valuation.

We can assess damage in the form of ordinary damages and lost profits.

Financing consulting at:

  • infrastructure projects,
  • real estate projects,
  • hotels.

Services consist of:

  • cash flow planning,
  • financial construction planning,
  • investment plan (business plan) preparation.

Wealth management is a full service that comprises of company valuation, tax consulting and legal services. We recommend this service when restructuring companies, changes in ownership or younger generations taking over family business.

In wealth management we begin by company valuation, where we compile all important company data and perform financial analysis with which we get to know the company in detail. After determining the value of a company we advise on tax optimization or present possible versions of changes in the company (ownership change, key personnel change, restructuring,…).

Based on presented tax and legal options you can chose the model that is best suited for your company. Selected model ensures optimization in business operations and happy owners which know how much tax they are paying.

We run the whole process of gathering and preparing all documentation necessary for tender application at:

  • Slovene Enterprise Fund,
  • Slovenian banks,
  • Ekosklad,
  • Slovenian Regional Development fund,
  • Ministries,
  • European Cohesion Fund,
  • tenders based on Slovene strategy of smart specialization which is a base for developmental investments in Slovenia from 2016 to 2018,
  • other tenders.


Healthcare service (pharmacies, private practices, hospitals)


Economics of investments

Cost optimization


Financing consulting



The company M.Kabinet, d.o.o. vrednotenje podjetij in poslovno svetovanje, d.o.o. was established in 2002.
The founder of the company is Milena Kosi, a Certified Business Appraiser, ASA BV ARM. In the years of independent work she acquired license for tax consultant, license for court expert for finance and business valuation, license at Slovenian Institute of Auditors (Certified Business Appraiser) and two licenses at the American Society of Appraisersa> (Accredited Senior Appraiser for Business Valuation – ASA BV and Accredited Senior Appraiser for Appraisal Review & Management – ASA ARM). In 2014 she was elected in ARM board at ASA. She is also a member of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and business expert for course Business Valuation at Faculty of Economics and Business in Maribor.


Milena Kosi

  • A Certified Business Appraiser with license from Slovenian Institute of Auditors, Accredited Senior Appraiser for Business Valuation – ASA BV and Accredited Senior Appraiser for Appraisal Review & Management – ASA ARM with licenses from the American Society of Appraisers

Jakob Kosi

  • Financial analyst


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